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Skip Tracing Services

What are ‘Skip Tracing’ And ‘Skip Location’ Services?

‘Skip’ refers to someone who is attempting to avoid legal prosecution by leaving their address and not leaving any forwarding information. Network Debt Recovery Services Australia offer Skip Location which is a service that allows you to find such individuals.

This service is sometimes called skip tracing where information is gathered about the debtor to analyse and eliminate any information that is not practical. Sometimes this process requires the contracting of third parties who can help to identify the person that has skipped or that may be able to provide helpful information. Third parties can include employees, former neighbours or any other person that may know the debtor or know how to locate them. When performing a skip trace or trying to locate someone, we use various databases often including business registration information, alternate phone numbers, social media and any other resources or information available to us through licensed professional search agents.

Our Skilled Skip Tracing Services in Action

Network Debt Recovery Services Australia offer expertise in locating people who have moved hastily or that have fled without giving notice to avoid paying debts through our skip tracing services.

Our team of professional private investigators are highly capable of gathering evidence and thoroughly investigate all potential permitted avenues and use the latest technology and online databases, and follow every lead, find, collect and analyse information, and verify results.

By performing our skip tracing service for our clients and utilising our various tools and databases, we are able to locate a debtor in most cases, with only a small percentage left that are not located.

Ethics and Legality

We approach our work with integrity, confidentiality and respect for all parties, our results are highly accurate and reliable.

If you would like some more information on our process and the costs for our skip tracing services, please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with a skip tracing expert.

Common Skip Tracing Questions

What is skip tracing? What are skip location services?

The term skip, is used to describe someone who attempts to avoid communication or legal proceedings by vacating their address and not leaving any forwarding phone numbers or other contact information.

These people have effectively gone into hiding – and our investigative skip tracing services are designed to find them. Note that whilst a professional skip tracer is able to find most debtors, there are a small percentage that are not located. Speak to us to understand this process and your debt collection options further.

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What sort of methods do you use to track down missing debtors?

Our team of licensed and professional private investigators are experts at finding, collating and analysing information on debtors who have gone AWOL. We are able to find or search for missing debtors using various methods including the following:

  • Record analysis. Among others, old phone number records, social media information, court records, travel records, forensic internet enquiries – even job applications – can all uncover useful details.
  • Third-party enquiries. This can include interviews with former employees at their company, enquiries with neighbours and family members or other persons known to the debtor.

All skip tracing work is approached ethically and legally, whilst making sure the debtee and debtor’s situation is kept private. The end goal of a skip tracer in locating a debtor achieved in most cases, with only a small percentage of cases left where a person is not found.

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