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The Trusted Gold Coast Debt Collection Agency Working For Your Small or Large Business For All Your Debt Recovery Needs.

At Network Debt Recovery Services, it’s our mission to provide your business with complete debt collection solutions. We are the Gold Coast’s trusted debt recovery and collections agency, providing professional recovery, outstanding customer service and efficient outcomes. We believe that we have what it takes to get your overdue accounts covered in a cost-effective manner.

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Our Frequent Gold Coast Debt Recovery Services

The Gold Coast provides thriving grounds for many kinds of development in both housing and commercial industries. This growth has invited all manner of commercial and independent contractors and suppliers. A common side effect we experience in this kind of fast growth is often poor cash flow management, and narrow-minded borrowing or purchasing of supplies or services. This can often leave providers out of pocket and spending far more time and stress trying to chase outstanding debts than they can afford.

The collection services we most commonly provide to assist in these complications are:

Common Gold Coast Industries

Here are the common industry types we have worked with for many years in the Gold Coast to secure bad debts quickly and with minimal impact to ongoing relations and business:

  • Trades and Construction
  • Wholesalers
  • Hospitality
  • Health clinics

Experienced, Professional and Efficient Team of Gold Coast Debt Collection Experts

Our team of experienced debt collection specialists aims to provide you with the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves on offering 25 years of service to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and anywhere across the Sunshine State. Offering formidable solutions, we are one of the top Gold Coast debt collection agencies due to our experience and justified results. Our professional Gold Coast debt collectors have years of experience in recovering overdue debts. Be confident that Network Debt Recovery Services are the Gold Cost debt collection agency that can provide the best to get the job done.

Let us recover what is yours and get your small or corporate business back on track. Contact Network Debt Recovery Services today for a free consultation and for the best debt collection agency and debt recovery services on the Gold Coast. Call us to find your solution now!


Suzy Shamrock

Suzy Shamrock

4 years ago
I can’t recommend Angela highly enough. From the get go Angela has kept me abreast of our debt recovery and the processes required to recover our businesses debt. Angela took all the stress out of the debt recovery allowing me to focus on our day to day business requirements.
Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley

4 years ago
Angela was very friendly and helpful in recovering debt for me. Highly recommend her services.
Fab Evans

Fab Evans

4 years ago
Satisfied with the timeliness and amount of debtor accounts the team were able to recover for us. The service was… read more
Conrad Glissmann-Gough

Conrad Glissmann-Gough

5 years ago
Very pleased with how Network Debt Recovery handled my business’ outstanding monies owed. Easy to work with and… read more
John Beck

John Beck

6 years ago
Excellent service, very nice people, and highly understanding. We had debts that another local company could not… read more

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Do you collect debt for small Gold Coast businesses?

We are well positioned to collect debt for small businesses and even sole operators.

Smaller business sizes are often seen as an easy mark when it comes to debt. Unfortunately, customers can believe their able to let debts go unnoticed, and assume you are unable to chase up or demand outstanding amounts.

Our Gold Coast small business debt recovery services can help you overcome this stigma. Often, all it takes is an official call or message from NDRS to show you are more than serious about undertaking legal processes to recover moneys owed. In the case this does not result in repayment, we can help you lodge and undertake further legal proceedings.

How do you collect unpaid debt on the Gold Coast?

We make use of a full range of debt collection processes on our client’s behalf here on the Gold Coast. Most often, these include proactive, early measures such as call requests and formal repayment demand letters. Our expert recovery team are also able to take enforcement proceedings by lodging a Claim with the QCAT Tribunal or Magistrate Court should this measure be required. Where these formal enforcement measures proceed, we can handle the Claim on your behalf from end to end to reclaim your outstanding debt.

In any debt situation, we can give you various options and advise you on the suggested course of action to recover the most funds possible in the least time (and with the fewest headaches!). Retaining positive relations with your debtee is always a priority. Our approach is usually based on our previous success collecting debt with similar business types and locations along the Gold Coast, and with many years of experience on the Gold Coast it is highly likely we’ve tackled a situation similar to yours successfully.

How do you collect debt from small Gold Coast businesses or individuals who are bankrupt?

Bankruptcy is when an individual is unable to pay their debts when they are due. Once someone is legally declared bankrupt, you cannot pursue a legal claim against them for recovery of your debt in the usual way. Instead, the control of their personal finances is passed to a Trustee, whereby their assets are sold and the sales money gained is used to pay off their debts.

Often, there will be other businesses or people that are owed money by the bankrupt individual. If the proceeds from the sale of the assets does not cover the total owed, you will only be able to recover some of the debt. If there are little or no assets to be converted into cash, you may not get any debts back. We can help advise of this possibility.

Can anyone use a debt collection agency?

Anyone from major corporations to part-time solo operators on the Gold Coast and across Queensland can and do use a debt collection agency such as Network Debt Recovery Services.

If your debt is of a personal nature, such as loans given between close contacts, we can also help you resolve the matter in a professional yet friendly manner to assure relationships can continue as smoothly as possible.

For any business debt, we have expertise in debt collection across a range of industries and sectors. These include but are not limited to; child care, medical, food marketing, government, agribusiness, wholesale, insurance, trades, engineering, transport, education, IT, franchising and distribution.

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