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Queensland-Wide Debt Collection Agency

Network Debt Recovery Services is a debt collection agency with a range of options suitable to your needs and effective for minor debts or small business collections or large-scale corporate collections.

We can offer debt collection services on a case by case scenario to any QLD business. Take advantage of our range of collection packages, alternatively we can customise a debt recovery solution to suit your needs.

Effective Debt Collection Services for Small Business to Large Corporations

Upon receipt of your request to action a collection matter, our agency specialists will commence recovery immediately by sending a Formal Demand Letter to your debtor’s address provided by you and a copy emailed to any email address you may have for them.

The Formal Demand Letter gives notice to your debtor that they have 7 days to pay the account in full. It also informs the Debtor the consequences and costs of non-payment.

Our Formal Demand Letters are followed up by one of our professional collection agents by telephone and SMS message to negotiate the debt on your behalf.

Experience has shown that debtors will pay once a Professional Collection Agency has become involved, proven time and time again by our impressive recovery rate.

Following on from our Formal Demand Letters, if necessary our expert collection team can commence enforcement proceedings by preparing and lodging Claims with the QCAT Tribunal or the Magistrate Court from beginning to end. This is available from Brisbane debt collection to Cairns and QLD wide.

A Dedicated account manager will keep you informed of the steps and procedures from start to finish and will not take action unless you feel comfortable in doing so. Our agency assures you’ll never be left in the dark so that your client relationship can continue to be strong post-collection.

Debt Collections Services for Individuals

If you having troubles with a personal debt that you’re unable to recover and you would like professional help, feel free to contact us and see what we can offer. We understand that sometimes personal debt can be quite, well… personal, so we make sure to deal with the manner in a professional yet friendly way.

For more information on how we can help you today here at Network Debt Recovery Services, contact us today.

Network Debt Recovery Services’ mission is to provide complete debt collection solutions to our clients which helps to free up your time and vastly improves your cash flow.

Common Questions About Our Services

Are the debt collection packages customisable?

At Network Debt, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. We advise you of your options – and we only ever take action if you are completely comfortable with our plan.

From the wording of text messages through to when and under what circumstances to commence proceedings, we can tailor a debt collection package to reflect your situation – including the the circumstances surrounding the debt and your relationship with the debtor.

What is included in the debt collection report?

Our debt reports are cumulative, meaning that the information and figures update regularly in our system as we collect more debts or undertake further steps to collect funds on your behalf. Debt collection reports provide a complete list of all debtors against total successful repayments made, and any outstanding debts yet to be collected, with insights of where in the debt collection process individuals lie.

Using this report, we can clearly illustrate what you stand to gain from undertaking any further debt collection or legal services with NDRS, against the perceived risk or cost of taking further action.

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