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What is credit reporting?

A credit report shows a person’s financial history as a bill payer, buyer and borrower. It can include information including history of loan applications, employment history and history of any defaults as well as any unpaid bills. The process is really about collecting the information to provide it to creditors as long as it is done in accordance with the various national privacy, finance and credit reporting laws.

Knowing a potential customer’s or client’s creditworthiness can help in better decision making when it comes to the risk of doing financial business with this individual. This type of service can save you a great deal of money and trouble in future because you are able to tell right away if the individual or individuals can pay for the goods or services you provide.

Businesses in any industry can benefit from credit reporting. No matter what product or service you provide that doesn’t require upfront payment you must ensure you find the information about someone’s credit history.

How we can conduct credit reporting on your behalf

Australian licensing regulations and privacy laws allow only certain agencies to conduct credit checks and only when particular information has been provided by a prospective client. We can advise you on this process and give you a comprehensive report on your potential client, customer or business partner. We charge our fees based on how much information we need and are always happy to create a solution that is tailored to your needs.

With the exclusive partnerships that we have with a number of major international agencies along with the investigative skills of our staff we can help you find the right information to make the best decision. Call us today to find out more about our debt collection services and credit reporting information.

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