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Credit Management Support in Brisbane

Network Debt Recovery Services offers a specialised Credit Management Support service which assists with debt collection, analysing, optimising and positioning credit management within organisations.

Using our credit management support service will prove to be an extremely cost-effective means of credit management, effectively reducing all associated expenses of employing staff to perform these tasks.

We provide you with the security of our experience and hands-on knowledge.

Our Credit Management Solution Offers:

  • A Dedicated Credit Manager
  • Reviewing & identifying slow moving payments
  • Contact Debtors in a Confidential and professional manner to negotiate suitable payments terms.
  • Send Formal Demand Letters to your debtors
  • Provide regular updates and/or meeting with business managers/directors
  • Monitoring payments
  • No tie in period

We understand that positive relationships with your debtors is vital, through our service we continually strive to add to your relationships and under no circumstance will we detract from it.

What’s more is your debtors need never know that you have outsourced your collections to us, all collections can be carried out seamlessly in your company’s name on all collection platforms, post telephone and email.

Network Debt Recovery also provides debt recovery services should it be necessary to commence enforcement proceedings through the court.

We have a number of clients like yourself that utilise our services with successful results.

Our Credit Management Service is a minimum of 4 Hours per week @ $55 per hour, alternatively, we can tailor a Support Package to suit your business needs.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact our office on (07) 5492 1155 or email

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