Our Debt Collection Process

Network Debt Recovery Services handles the debt collection process professionally and efficiently

Our skilled debt collection experts carefully follow the steps involved in the debt recovery process to ensure you receive a positive outcome in a proficient and timely manner. Network Debt Recovery Services is continually monitoring our processes and liaising with process servers or bailiffs. We also implement a unique system to keep you informed along the way. We strive to reach the greatest possible outcome for you, allowing you to maintain the success of your business.

Our debt collection process involves:

  1. Issuing a Formal Demand Letter to the Debtor
  2. Making a follow up phone call or field call if necessary
  3. Taking the debtor directly to enforcement through the Court by initiating a QCAT or Magistrates Court Claim
  4. If necessary, proceeding to Judgment and Enforcement Hearing Order, Enforcement Warrant for Seizure & Sale, Garnishee Order on Wages, etc.

For more information on our debt collection process or services, contact Network Debt Recovery Service on (07) 5492 1155 today.

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