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Debt Collection and COVID-19

With many ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, the issue of debt has caused confusion, caution, and no small amount of stress for many Australians.

Network Debt Recovery Services have taken on recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the ACCC, and ASIC in order to make sure our debt collection services can continue to serve people at this time and remain as reasonable and respectful to people’s changing situations as possible.

With loss of employment, rental and contractual issues, it’s understandable that many will want to continue chasing debts but also question their ability to do so.


Can you still collect outstanding debts during COVID-19?

Yes, there has been no change to federal or state law in Australia that restricts your ability, or the ability of an official debt collection service provider, to secure monies owed.

It is not unreasonable to ask for monies owed and negotiate agreeable terms, lockdowns and restrictions effect cash flow for both creditors and debtors in most business and personal situations.

During this time, it is reasonable to allow for debt amount or due date changes where agreeable. In many cases this may increase the possibility that future purchases and positive relationships can continue.

We highly recommend that if any discounts or timeframe adjustments are made in debts, that both parties consider how things will return to normal as normal business and work resumes, and that this is stated clearly.


Our work during this time

Our ability to continue securing debt can continue as usual. Much of our results occur in early stages of securing debt which does not require any face to face contact and can continue from our office.

Depending on the circumstance and original date of debts owed, we can change our approach and services offered to negotiate a mutual outcome that is suitable for both parties.

In alignment with national and state guidance, and keeping governmental job support packages in mind, we are strongly recommending that if you are owed debt that the conversation and efforts of collection still occur.

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