What is ‘skip location’?

‘Skip’ refers to someone who is attempting to avoid legal prosecution by leaving their address and not leaving any forwarding information. Network Debt Recovery Services offers Skip Location which is a service that allows you to find such individuals.

This service is sometimes called skip tracing where information is gathered about the debtor to analyze and eliminate any information that is not practical. Sometimes this process requires the contacting of third parties who can help to identify the person that has skipped or that may be able to provide helpful information. Third parties can include employees and former neighbors. We use public records as well including business registration or tax information and any other resources available to us through licensed professional search agents.


To fulfill this service a number of thinking skills and personal traits, a good skip tracer is friendly and can engage persons in conversation without making it obvious that they are trying to get particular information. They also have good problem solving skills, can come up with great ideas on how to find new sources of information. They must have a work ethic that can only be characterized as solid and must be able to stay focused on their task which is to find the skip. They must always be ahead of the skip and their attempt to evade the creditor.

At Network Debt Recovery Services our Skip Tracers have the skills to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. We have a record of success at locating debtors for creditors who thought their money was lost completely. If you can’t find your clients when it is time to get paid then give us a call here at Network Debt Recovery Services, we will find them and get your debt recovered.

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